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Low Cost Web Design

When you consider the cost of a website, consider also the cost of not having one. If you are thinking "Can I afford it?", you should also consider "Can I afford not to?"

Do your competitors have websites? If they do, they are almost certainly winning customers that might otherwise be yours. If they don't, then your website will make your business more accessible than theirs.

Once you do the sums, you may well find that by attracting just one new customer per month, your website will pay for itself very quickly.

The cost of a new website can be broadly split into three main areas:
  • The web design service
  • Your domain name
  • Website hosting and maintenance

The Web Design Service

The cost of a professional web-design service depends largely on the complexity of the site, and the work involved in producing it. Large multi-national companies such as Toyota will obviously pay a lot more for their website design than your local garage owner!

At FeatherWeb, we believe that every business should be on the internet. For a basic brochure website of up to 5 pages, we charge a flat rate of 250. More complex sites involving databases or shopping will cost more. Please contact us for details.

Your Domain Name

The domain name of your website is what users type in the address bar of their browser [after 'www'] to access your site. The domain name of this site is featherweb.com

There are literally hundreds of millions of domain names in existence around the world. Unfortunately, most of the good ones are already taken. If you wanted to call your website microsoft.com or cocacola.com then you are likely to find that the names are not available at any price!

With a little imagination, it is still possible to find a suitable domain name at a sensible price. Expect to pay around 15 per year for a .com domain or 5 per year for a .co.uk domain.

Website Hosting and Maintenance

Once your web design is complete, it needs to be uploaded to a host computer or server so that it is accessible to the World Wide Web. The webspace that your site occupies on the host computer and the access to the server is rented from the hosting company. FeatherWeb can provide website hosting from 10 per month. 2 hours update/maintenance work per is year is included in this price.

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